Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program

Warm Winter Comfort

A PACE Loan from Efficiency Maine can help you weatherize your home, at little or no net cost to you.

Take control of your heating costs and weatherize your home right now! Whether your home is old or new, we can help you optimize your home's heating efficiency and save you money.

In performing the energy audit, we use a blower door system and computer modeling to quantify the air leaks in your home. We use combustion-testing equipment to make sure your home’s heating system is operating safely and at peak efficiency. We also use an infrared camera to identify sources of air leaks. We will assess insulation performance throughout your home. You will receive a report that outlines the highest-yielding improvements, specifying cost and savings of each measure using energy modeling software from Efficiency Maine.

Efficiency Maine

Call us to schedule a Home Energy Audit today. Financing is available through Efficiency Maine. Ask us how, or visit www.efficiencymaine.com to learn more about the Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program.

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